The cost of Feminism

In different themes one can recognize demands and declarations that are the product of idealistic notions more than the understanding of the reasons with a pragmatic intention for resolution. Meaning, where do we notice a continuing contradiction between words and actions?


One example is with the constant talk about equality in salaries between men and women. I too am a big admirer of equal rights and obligations (although the second part is usually left unmentioned), yet my practical understanding of the situation reveals a bigger problem than just powerful men in suits that look down to women (which by itself, is a sad reality). There is a more intrinsic difficulty and it is with our habits and natural culture (another way to say instincts in a civilized society).

I will say that in order to really solve it, we have to start from the primary reason of why men are making more money than women. More than the notorious reason of coupling men with greed and lust for power, there is a profound, primal one: the large majority of women prefer men that make more money than they do. Thus, simplifying the analogy, we can say that as in any market, it is a question of demand and distribution, which in this case, the demand for more men with more money create a proportionate distribution.

How can one say such an outrage? Well, there are interesting studies about this preference in the large majority of women (see chapter 18 in The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker) yet I´m positive that you will find the best one to be your personal experience. If someone knows about a woman that demands equal salary and actually chose for a husband or a partner a man that makes less than she, I will be more than happy to hear about it. That being said, the studies obviously do not take under consideration a choice for an occasional sex and/or a lover, but what we can define a normal relationship (understanding normal by large majority serious relationship with an aspiration for family life). As I noticed in my personal experience and the people I had the opportunity to discuss this matter, many are the women that are aware and even share this ideal but very few actually got married to someone that made less. Interestingly, in most occasions when they first met they had no idea of the outcome of the quantity of the salary, it is almost an instinct preference.

In the study, the subjects found the men who made more money to be more attractive and appealing, and someone they will consider marrying. Now, obviously, not all men with that make a 6 figures salary are from the Bald and the Beautiful, one can presume that nature does it course. This primal instinct is logical from the point of you of Evolutionist behaviorism, where a woman is more attracted to a man that according to her standards will be able to provide the best (in today’s terms it translates to salary).

 we can do it

As always, the idea is that once we obtain the information we´re not to use it as an excuse for some natural reality. This is where we have to use our great capacity of mind and act according to this information to create the society we aspire to. Hence, those that are fighting for the equal pay, if you really want to start having results, be aware of the root of the issue, leave the slogans and the good/bad narrative aside and change the system by creating more awareness of the deeper reason.


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