PhD in Interdisciplinary Philology, Shai Cohen is currently teaching in University classes of Culture&Civilization, languages and classes of culture and literature, as well as actively volunteering with Roma population refugees. Shai is an active researcher both on the academic level as well as life’s perspectives.

This theory, Trispectivism, was invented as a response to the necessity to follow a concept that is both used by all (implicitly and explicitly) and is needed to be more engaged in the different discourse of every aspect of our life.

So far he wrote three books and numerous articles. The first book is a Historical novel in Hebrew, called Strappado (סטרפאדו). The second book is in Spanish (written together with Dr. Ana Zúñiga), and titled El arte de hablar callando. Trispectivism is the third book and is, by far, the culmination of all of the unique life altering experiences one can have. At the moment, he is working on a forth book which is a fictional novel that addresses the notion of personal identities we have within ourselves.

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