Congratulations for the new born baby!!!

After long and arduous labor, finally 2015 was born weighing only infinite lb and illimitable oz.

The New Year of 2015 has just been born and as any of her older 2014 sisters, she also feels slightly insecure. There are many things she would like to achieve but the failure of her younger siblings lingers on in her mind. On the other hand, from her first day into this world she already begun to hear glorifications and stories of greatness about some of the older ones, and thus, 2015 now begins to wonder if she will end up like the firsts or the seconds. Even though she already prefers the latter, she doubts if she will ever be good enough to hold the torch and become as great as some once were.

2015 is still a baby, and like all babies she has a mixture of feelings between happiness and bitterness. She would have certainly liked to stay in the warm uterus of ideas and wishful thinking but her 7 billion parents were waiting for her to come. This is how, in a timid and nervous posture, she made her first steps stumbling a little until being able to hold her weight on her own. Her parents, naturally, have endless plans for her, some even say extravagant and unrealistic that most certainly will cause her some future psychological issues. It is amazing how amidst so many parenting advices and guide books, still they can be so irresponsible and immature. This new generation of such demanding parents has lost its path, some will say.

Yet, even in this toddler state, 2015 is already thinking about her path and goals in life. As a daughter in a family of immigrants, she looks forward, towards progress and triumph and with her innocent look, she feels excited to face all of the unknown possibilities and endless opportunities.

So, dear friends, let´s embrace her into our lives with a warm hug and many kisses and let her be herself, discovering the greatness, heroism and merit that is innate within each and every one. She, no doubt, inherited many of our good and bad character yet while recognizing her struggles and encouraging her brilliance and sublimity, she will grow up to be the legend she is already becoming.




Wishing a holiday spirit

In the power invested in me as being joyfully alive and amongst all of you, precious and beautiful fellow living, I wish…

For the ones that celebrate the birth of their savior:


For the ones that celebrate for celebrating and in search of a good excuse 🙂


* for those of you who wonder what it is, click here.

For the ones that celebrate simply to go with the flow:


And to all the trispectivists all around the world:



What ever the reason of the celebration let it be happy, merry and full of laughter and delight!!!
Merry Christmas everyone, see and read you next year!

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