Practical Thinking

As a more practical approach I decided to share some of the themes and conclusions elaborated in Trispectivism. There are many possible perspectives that can be considered to each and every approach so it is up to us to contextualize them for our personal benefit. Please, if you have any question and/or comment make sure to add it (or what ever is on your heart and mind).


  • Trispectivism is expressed in identities in how the self-conscious perceives the universe.
  • Make one your internal and external identity.
  • Identifusion occurs when your identity fuses with the external subjectivity (as the use of different identities when you speak about work, city, baseball team, country, etc.).

The Other and I:

  • Trispectivism is the recognition of both the ‘I’ and the ‘Other’.
  • Self-interest is natural and can benefit everyone.
  • Being overly protective of oneself is at the same time blindness to the beauty of the world.


  • Do not dwell on your individual All; go and seize the universal.
  • Trispectivism reminds us not to confuse our individual sensation of today with the universal timeless one.
  • Technology is a technique awaiting a user, there is no point neither negating nor overly admiring it.

Science and Society:

  • Trispectivism is a theory that intercommunicates with its predecessors and its followers.
  • Knowing is better than believing.
  • Be more realistic than utopian optimistic.
  • Do not confine yourself to conservative perspectives.
  • Trispectivism in politics is acknowledging the power in the intercommunication between the potential leader and/or a party inside a political government with the people. Election is the expression of the different trispectivist relationships that exist in our society.
  • Crises are unavoidable; they are natural and indispensable for our progress, yet it is critical to understand them in order to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • Being a smart consumer is not only money saving but also appraisal of your values.
  • Trispectivism in physics is the example of an atom forming a part of a mass, a mass forming a part of an existence, and an existence forming a part of the existing.
  • Mathematics is the logical interpretation of occurrences.
  • From nanoparticles to entire planets, trispectivism is expressed in everything and everywhere.
  • An action is the result of a thought. If you wish for positive actions, make sure you begin with positive thoughts.
  • Mind and body are in constant interaction.
  • Try to resort to conservative remedies as a last option. Finding the remedies yourself will not only make your body stronger but also your mind.
  • Trispectivism is a core understanding for social studies. It is where the interaction between the one and the everyone comes to life.
  • In order to find your role in society, first you have to fully understand the importance of society in you.
  • Trispectivism is a psychological need to connect and commune.
  • If you have a pending idea or a problem, say it out loud to a friend and see how it forms a life and resolves faster than you can imagine.
  • Keeping the infinite aspects of life in good balance is the difference between happy dissatisfaction and depressive disillusion.
  • There are no coincidences, only laziness of thought!
  • Do not let excuses from the universal All burden your individual All and deprive you from your sense of liberty.


  • You do not have to be empiric to recognize the importance of experiencing. Avoid judging before experiencing.
  • Trispectivism in a game is the individual inside the universal and the universal that coincides with the individual.
  • A game is the training ground for the intrinsic you.
  • Evolution is constant movement in a circular progression.
  • Be satisfied living the dissatisfaction.
  • Progress will never die, but it is up to you how much of it you will be familiar with.


  • Nature is the core of the individual All in you and the universal All in everything else. Acknowledge and do not repress the natural intercommunication that occurs.
  • Distinguish between natural and cultural for better awareness in both.

Day to day:

  • Trispectivism in decision-making is about understanding that a choice is the order given by an individual All as an intercommunication with the universal All.
  • A healthy routine can save your mind’s tiring work thinking of trivial tasks. Make sure you control the routine and not inversely. Change your routine from time to time for inspiration and renovation.
  • Learn to recognize the interdependence you have with the addiction.
  • Quitting an addiction is better made gradual for it to be durable.
  • Nutrition is the natural connection we share with the planet. Mens sana in corpore sano.


  • In relationships, trispectivism is you, your partner, and, most importantly, the communication between the two.
  • Friendship is the basis of all great relationships.
  • Discrepancy and miscommunication are the seeds from which many of our problems sprout.
  • We cannot choose our family, but we do choose the interdependence and connection we have with its members.
  • A good parent is a parent who sets an example. Expand the horizons of your child so his self will be greater than just trivial limits of his social order.
  • The only life dream is what you create while achieving it. As long as you choose action over stagnation, you will be creating the best dream life you ever wished for. Find a project and be creative; your imagination is your only obstacle to achieving a more fulfilled life.

Beauty and art:

  • Beauty is a thing done well; it is an instinct of selection.
  • Trispectivism is an infinite expression of Art; interacting an artist with a universe of individual perspectives of appreciation.
  • A work of art is the union of individual strokes of a paintbrush. Yet it is the perfect interdependence of both that creates a masterpiece.
  • Trispectivism is the performance interconnecting the note and the composition.
  • Set free the artistic perspectivist you.
  • As social being, watching live performance generates both pleasure and better apprehension.


  • A journey is not about what you see, it is about how you learn. The more you see the outside, the more the inside will reveal itself to you. Walking is the silent progress of the interconnection you (individual All) share with the universe (universal All).

Language, Reading, Writing:

  • Trispectivism as an ontological awareness is propelled by language, which is the motor of our cultural existence.
  • Do not confuse universal terms with individual perspective.
  • Trispectivism via reading and writing is the diffusion of the universal All, yours, toward the universal, and the universal to you.
  • Do not read what you want to read instead of what is written.
  • However, when you write, write what you want to read.

Past, Present, Future:

  • Actions are in the present, but they are based on the past and will have consequences in the future. Live in the present with action and formation, but contemplate the past and future to know who you are and where you are going.
  • If you define your future actions as free will, do not dismiss the past as faith but improve your awareness for both


  • Trispectivism in spirituality is all that is open to interpretation.
  • It can be a comfort zone to the uncomfortable mysterious.
  • To appreciate the mystery is to decide to enjoy uncertainty, to understand it is to explore your curiosity.
  • • Trispectivism in religion reflects the metaphysical intercommunication between the individual All and the universal All. Holidays and ceremonies are crucial for the structural association in the religious aspect of trispectivism. Trispectivism explains the foundational induction of religion, establishing peace and tolerance within the different beliefs.
  • • Constant repetition is in the base of every religion.
  • • The cosmos is also part of trispectivism, yet the larger it reflects on the universal All, the smaller the direct effect will be on the individual All.


  • Make fear your motivation instead of your incarceration.
  • Break the momentum of a negative emotion.
  • Trispectivism helps you live with a trauma instead of living the trauma.
  • Finding a new purpose in life can reconfigure the perspectivist mind.


  • Today, the audience prefers the capacity of decision-making.
  • Do not be tempted to switch a life of real, proper creativity to an ephemeral, fictitious one.
  • In trispectivism, imitating the universal All is the discrete learning of the individual All. Beware of whose figure you empower as an imitable person.
  • A newspaper is trispectivism in motion, a constant presentation of a perspectivist universal All that will direct your individual All to a supportive one. Make sure your opinions are actually yours.
  • Opening the individual to the interconnectivity with universal knowledge transmission will show you unimaginable new horizons.


  • An orgasm is the most magnificent way to live by trispectivism. Make your body the best friend of your mind and let them enjoy together the pleasures of life.
  • Seduction is one of the more interesting expressions of the individual All pulling the universal All from the external to the internal. Do not believe, but think seductive and you will seduce.
  • Homosexuality is nature’s way to find balance. 90 percent of us have innate homosexual attraction in different levels. Living the All is also accepting the different. Trispectivism shows the greater the acceptance of the universal All is, the more peaceful, self-aware, and satisfied the individual All will be.
  • Forgiveness is the most difficult task on the way to your recovery, but it is one of the best in creating a harmonious trispectivist life.

Symbolism and dreams:

  • The trispectivism is in constant movement, action, change, and evolution. They have neither beginning nor end, and what keeps them whole is their harmony and balance.
  • Dream is the only place where an individual All experiences the three components of the trispectivism. The dream serves as the intercommunication that opens your eyes to what you have already seen.


  • Trispectivism is not happiness. It is merely a mean, a tool to use in order to achieve it.
  • It is up to you to change any life-consuming vicious cycle to the flourishing of a virtuous one.

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